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HipHop Workshop

Open to boys and girls, age 8 to adult. 3 hours of funky dances to great music. Special Guest Instructor Lineen Duong from Dark Dance Company will be in house providing a master class of cool dance moves for BBOY and HipHop dancers alike.

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Parents – What to do if your child has a concussion.

Parents are huge pieces in the concussion rehab process for young athletes. Concussions can be difficult on Mom or Dad because there are no outward bruises, bumps, cuts or scrapes to wrap or bandage. Instead, parents are left trying to help their child manage what can sometimes be vague, confusing, and often frustrating symptoms. The […]

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Concussion Baseline Test Complete – Now What?

As warm weather sports are heating up and ready to start their competitive seasons, physiotherapists will inevitably start to see a new block of young athletes who have sustained a concussion. The goal with every young athlete, regardless of skill level is to get them back to school, and back to their sport as quickly […]

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