Flyer FAQ’s

Flyer FAQ’s

  1. What is Flyer? A Flyer is the person that is elevated into the air by the bases; the person that is on top of a pyramid/stunt.
  2. How do I learn to Fly? You can learn to fly by perfecting basic positions on the ground before trying them in the air with a base group or single base.
  3. Four things every flyer will need to learn before going into the air are;
    1. body awareness
    2. control
    3. balance
    4. and most importantly, flexibility – Elite flyers have the ability to do hyper splits, they have extreme back and hip flexibility, and they are able to hold positions without using their arms. (releasing a heel stretch).
  4. What do I need to do to increase my flexibility? It is important to stretch daily at home as well as every time you are in the gym. Flyers should stretch more than your teammates. Team stretching during practice is designed to loosen you for practice and will not increase your flexibility. Take weekly classes, attend workshops, and come early to practice to work on flexibility.
  5. How are flyers chosen? As kids grow at different rates from year to year, and team composition changes, so do the needs for flyers. Someone who is a flyer one year may be a base another year, and then become a flyer again the next year. Coaches evaluate the team, compare body masses and strengths of each team member, then asses the flyer skills from the potential candidates. In addition, the bases on a team must be able to lift the flyers easily.
  6. What qualities can hinder a flyer’s success?
    1. Fear – Fear is the #1 problem. Flyers must be fearless.
    2. Lack of flexibility
    3. Lack of body control
  7. What should I do if I want to be a flyer?
    1. Stretch all the time.
    2. Practice on a stunt stand so that you can perfect your balance and control.
    3. Learning to base helps you understand your role as a flyer.
    4. Practice with more than one person or group.
  8. What are some misconceptions about flyers?
    1. If I am taller than my bases, I cannot fly. This is not always the case. There are some taller flyers that do very well.
    2. If I am the smallest on the team, I should fly. This is not true either. Many times, a smaller person may not possess all of the flyer attributes.


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