Newmarket Baseline Testing

Parents/guardians will need to complete both the Complete Concussion Management online registration as well as the clinic intake form prior to the testing date.
Please read these 2 forms:

1. Baseline Registration Instructions  – Please inform the parent/guardian that they will receive an account number after the quick online registration and they will need to bring the account number with them to the clinic on testing day.
2. Intake – CMRC (1) – Please have the parent/guardian forward the completed intake form to the clinic ahead of the testing date so that the paperwork can be filed and any receipts prepared ahead of time.
Parents/guardians can call the clinic at 905.235.2620 and inform the front desk staff that they would like to book for the Limelight Cheer Baseline Testing Day.

We have allotted for 10 athletes on each hour. Testing times are as follows:


If there are any questions regarding the clinic or scheduling please contact the clinic by phone or email which both the Kelsey (Administrator) and Dr. Behfar Sanjari (Clinic Director)
Thank you!