Recreational Cheerleading


Recreational Cheerleading TorontoWhat is Recreational Cheerleading – This is a 10-12 week course where athletes train 1 day a week in a 1 hour session. Registration begins the 1st week of September. This is the entry level to cheerleading and offers a curriculum to learn the ins and outs of our sport. Athletes learn a choreographed routine that helps them learn teamwork, leadership and, safety skills that can help them throughout life.

What is required – There are no pre-requisites, all experiences are welcome. Most people who participate in recreational have little to no experience in cheerleading. There are no mandatory attendance policies, no competition fees, no apparel fees, and no other fees besides the one-time program course fee.

What to wear to practice –  Please wear a comfortable T-shirt to practice. Shirts can be purchased in the gym. Also, please wear any comfortable shorts, leggings, or sweatpants. Shoes are required as well and should not be outdoor shoes. Many athletes use the floor without shoes so we must ensure that our shoes are clean, therefore we do not allow outdoor shoes. Please use any comfortable running shoe with a smooth bottom. Rough edges on shoes can be painful when stunting on one another.