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Concussion Policy

All competitive sports come with some sort of risk, and cheerleading is no exception. At Limelight, we are taking precautions to lower the risks associated with our sport and training our athletes and staff with the latest techniques in skill development and emergency procedures.

How Limelight is leading the charge in safety!

  1. Competitive Coach Training
    1. Our competitive coaches participate in an annual 2-3 day course to learn proper spotting, skill progression and safety measures.
    2. Many coaches are CPR/First-Aid certified
    3. Coaches participate in on-going internal training
  2. Injury and risk management
    1. The staff provides follow up for injuries to assess the athlete and make any recommendations deemed necessary.
    2. Athletes participate in semi-annual emergency and safety seminars.

Although we cannot prevent all injuries, Limelight is taking precautions to ensure the safest environment possible for you and your children.

If an athlete experiences a concussion this season, we must be presented with a doctor’s note in order for that athlete to return to practice.

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