Limelight Allstar Cheerleading



Competitive Cheerleading

Click here for the 2023-2024 Informational Packet (14) please read this to learn about all the programs we offer for the upcoming season. This was updated June 20, 2023.
All athletes must attend at least 1 of the 2 team summer camps, and must attend the choreography camp for your team. 
Tumbling Requirements for all competitive athletes can be found here. Tumbling Programs 2023-2024

Apparel Information for all prep and competitive teams. All prices are estimated until we confirm with vendors. The track suit is 195 instead of 150. (updated Aug 1)

The competitive program is for ages 7 and older and includes levels 1-6. Our Prep program begins at age 4. If you are interested in joining a Limelight Competitive team, then you will need to read the handbook above.

The competitive program is for athletes with a passion for the sport. It is open to many ages and skills levels. We pride ourselves on learning a sport in a fun environment with caring coaches, amazing parents and hard-working athletes.