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Updated – July 21, 2021

The entire world is facing a unique situation and we, in Canada, are dealing with it head-on. Limelight Allstars is following all Federal, National and Provincial guidelines for re-opening and maintaining business during this pandemic.

  1. Social Distancing
    1. We are maintaining 6 ft between athletes and coaches when possible
    2. We have re-shaped some practices to include individualized training. When we are practicing choreography, we ensure no contact and we use masks when we stunt.
    3. When we are not involved in choreography we maintain a 6 feet distance.
  2. Masks
    1. We require all staff to wear masks at all times.
    2. We require athletes to wear masks upon entrance and exit as well as times when we cannot guarantee 6ft distance.
    3. When our athletes are doing active sport, they are free to remove their masks at their own comfort level.
  3. Assessments
    1. We take daily attendance for all activities
    2. We perform temperature checks
    3. We ask that all athletes and parents pre-assess their kids or themselves before arriving.
  4. Cleaning and Disinfecting
    1. Each day we begin with a thorough cleaning throughout the gym
    2. We sanitize equipment between uses and classes
    3. We clean at the end of each shift, including washrooms, doors, cubbies, and all surfaces that came into contact with people
  5. Maintaining gym capacity
    1. Currently, we have no spectators.
    2. We have arranged team practice times so that we meet all capacity limits.
    3. We have limited tumbling class sizes to 5-6 to help keep our capacity numbers low.
  6. What happens if someone in our program gets Covid19?
    1. We ask that any parent inform us immediately should you or one of your family members is diagnosed with Covid19
    2. We will then contact the local government to aid us with further actions
    3. If the infected person attended class or practice while they were infected, then we will
      1. Perform  a thorough cleaning
      2. Contact those affected ( anyone that may have had contact with that individual to assess their situation)
      3. The infected individual will be asked to quarantine for 14 days before they can return to practice
      4. If other athletes or coaches had contact with that person, they may also be asked to quarantine for 14 days
    4. What if you are in a school where there is Covid19 cases?
      1. Follow all school guidelines: If they say to stay away from school, then you should stay away from our gym too.
      2. If the school requires a test for you to return, please inform us and we will require the same.
      3. If you have personally been exposed then self-quarantine and get a covid19 test.
      4. If you were not personally exposed, then follow school guidelines and let us know what those are.
      5. Most importantly, we want to keep our gym a safe place, so please avoid coming if you have been exposed at all until you are deemed safe.
    5. If there is an outbreak and the government closes our business
      1. If the closure is less than 1 month, all classes will be on Zoom
      2. If the closure is longer than 4 weeks, then we may do one or all of the following
        1. Offer Zoom classes
        2. Extend our season to make up the time, if applicable
        3. In a situation where we cannot extend the season, we may offer credits for future use or refunds
      3. We will do our best to ensure everyone gets to complete their session