The LimeWhy Gymnasts Love Becoming Cheerleaders

August 12, 20160

Allstar cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, especially here in Canada. It involves stunts, jumps, dance and tumbling. Tumbling is the floor aspect of gymnastics and is the preferred aspect of the sport for most gymnasts. When athletes decide that the sport of gymnastics is no longer their cup of tea, they often look for other avenues to explore that utilize their abilities and years of training. They still want to tumble, but they also want to try new things, have a social life, and meet new people.

Because gymnasts develop a good foundation of technique and respect for training, they tend to work hard and understand dedication to their sport. They have often times spent many hours each week in a gym conditioning, training alone and listening to their coaches. They want to still have some normalcy when they leave gymnastics, so cheerleading is a perfect fit for many of them.

Limelight Cheerleading Allstars is a competitive and recreational cheer gym in Vaughan, ON that has many former gymnasts on their team rosters. These individuals bring leadership, a self-driven motivation and great foundations for gymnastics that help them ease into the sport. Many of the former gymnasts go on to compete in the higher levels at Limelight, including the worlds team, and some have represented their country as members of Team Canada.

Any gymnasts that are retired or wishing to retire should check out a local cheerleading club before completely giving up tumbling altogether. The following quotes are from former gymnasts that are now loving their time as cheerleaders. Each has a unique perspective on the sport, but both have a common thread in their discussions – they love the team aspect of cheer.

Laura M – “I like that cheer is a team sport compared to an individual sport like gymnastics. You have people to work with and you are all in it together to push each other, as well as creating a “family” bond with your teammates. Furthermore, cheerleading seems much more upbeat since gymnastics is very serious. One thing I really like is that the competitive component is pretty much the same as gymnastics, except in cheer you don’t have to train as many hours in a week. This allows me to have time for school work and a social life as well. All in all, gymnastics helped me a lot with cheerleading and I am so glad I joined.”

Jill C – “In gymnastics you have far more control of the outcome because it is only you that is training hard to get the skills, and it is only you that is being judged when you compete.  In cheer, you have to learn how to grow and develop as a team, which takes time.  You have to build relationships and trust to know that each person on the team will try their best each time, and if something happens during the routine, that the team takes the blame, not the individual.  That is a big step to go from an individual sport where you may train with others but complete alone, to a sport where you have less control over the outcome. It is very different when many people compete and are judged as one.  It helps that the training starts early in cheer so you can grow together and create a new family.” – Jill C.

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