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The Limelight Beat w/ Jerry Episode 1. Overview of Allstar Cheerleading

Types of Cheerleading
  • Allstar started in the foundations of sideline cheerleading but has developed over time
  • Recreational is a fun way to learn the sport
  • Allstar Prep is the gateway to competitive
  • Competitive Allstar is the truest form of the sport of cheerleading. Is all over the world and growing each year.
Olympic Committee
  • Cheerleading is a recognized Olympic sport now, but not official in Canada. The process takes a long time in Canada.
  • Canada will be entering the Olympics with a team beginning in 2024
  • Limelight will soon begin an Olympic program in our gym
ICU – International Cheerleading Union
  • A direct line into the Olympics
  • Sets the rules and regulations for national team requirements
  • Does not manage Allstar, school or any part of the sport other than the national teams.
IASF – International Allstar Federation
  • Creates rules, scoresheets, divisions and overall safety guidelines
    The 2022-2023 divisions have changed and will affect us all
    They change things often, which can be frustrating.
  • Hosts a world championship for IASF divisions only
  • Globally recognized
Cheer Canada
  • Even more recent than the OCF
  • Working to get cheerleading recognized as a national sport. We are not now
  • Because we are not an official sport, we are in a state of limbo often. We are not required all the same stuff as official sports, although we try to follow them
  • Recently became a true PSO or provincial sport organization
  • Sets guidelines for the sport in our province
  • We pay membership to the organization to further advancement of the sport
Allstar Gyms
  • The sport of Allstar cheerleading is taught at these centers.
  • Growing in Ontario, but still seems to be NEW to many people
  • Each Gym develops its athletes and teams to compete with other programs.
Limelight Allstars
  • We offer various levels of the sport from beginner to advanced
  • We pride ourselves on years of winning, Worlds events and Summit Bids, but mostly on the fact that our athletes, families and coaches are such amazing people.
Thank you and I hope to see you on the next episode of The Limelight Beat


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