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The Limelight Beat w/ Jerry Episode 2. Skills and Positions

Cheerleading skills can be broken into these categories:

Cheerleading skills can be broken into these categories:

  • Tumbling – 2 main categories
    Standing Tumbling
    Running Tumbling
  • Jumps
  • Stunts – 4 main positions
    Back Spot or 3rd
  • Front Spot
    Performance – 3 main categories
    Face Performance
What is the importance of mastering skills:
  • Mastering a skill means you can perform it on your own successfully and with proper technique on the performance surface with ease.
  • Videos of mastered skills are on our YouTube page. Reference these for understanding what it takes to master a skill.
  • Mastering a level means you have mastered all or many of the skills in that level.
  • We have created a mastering program and are using it this year as a tool to develop understanding and advancement.
Why do we need to master skills:
  • Our scoresheet depends on it: (will have a separate video about this later)
    Difficulty – this changes each year with new rules and scoring processes.
    Technique – this is both individual choices and learned behavior from a coach. For sure, the most technical athletes take it upon themselves to practice what they learn as if they were always performing for a crowd.
  • Creativity – this changes with the rules each year, this is where choreography comes to play.
    We determine our team level based on the majority of skills we have available in our program. Building teams and developing athletes surrounded by their level makes for a more cohesive environment.
    Mastering skills is not always done in team practice, especially tumbling. Taking privates, classes and workshops will help each athlete advance quicker.
    How do skills affect an athlete’s progression in the sport?
    If an athlete is a non-tumbler, or performs at a level1 or 2, their path may include 4.2 teams or non-tumbling teams as they age. There are Summit or Worlds teams in these divisions.
    Athletes that develop strong tumbling skills will move to the Summit and Worlds level with tumbling teams.
    Team Canada and even the Olympics is a pathway for cheerleaders. Those with all-around elite level skills have an easier path, but also those that stunt elite and may not tumble still have opportunities.
    Constant growth and development are encouraged.
    Join the non-tumbling teams and take a tumbling class at the same time.
  • Your path in the cheer journey of your life is yours. Do not compare yourself to others. Be on one team this year, and maybe another team next year. Be in one position this year and then be in another position next. Use each season as a way to develop your personal skills.
Thank you for joining me for episode 2. Please stay tuned for our next episode and remember to subscribe to our YouTube page so you don’t miss out on any of our videos.


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