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The Limelight Beat w/ Jerry Episode 3. Fundamentals of scoring

Main categories of scoring – 150 points is the highest score
  • Tumbling/Jumps – 13.3% of the total or 20 points
  • Building – 66.7% of the total or 100 points
  • Overall impression – 20% of the total or 30 points
Tumbling/Jumps Breakdown
  • Standing Tumbling Difficulty is 5 points
  • Running Tumbling Difficulty is 5 points
  • Overall Tumbling Technique is 5 points
  • Jumps Technique/Difficulty is 5 points combined
Building Breakdown
  • Stunt Technique is 20 points
  • Stunt Difficulty is 20 points
  • Pyramid Technique is 20 points
  • Pyramid Difficulty is 20 points
  • Basket Toss Technique is 5 points
  • Basket Toss Difficulty is 5 points
  • Building Creativity is 10 points
Overall Impression Breakdown
  • Dance is 5 points
  • Routine Creativity is 5 points
  • Formations/Transitions is 10 points
  • Overall Impression/Showmanship is 10 points
Factors for Scoring

Each item on the scoresheet has requirements to achieve certain ranges of scores.

  • 0-2, 2-5 and 4-10 for example
  • Getting a score that falls within 2 ranges is common. For example: a 4 could be mid range or high range in this example.

Judges will score in the mid range for most elements unless they are excited by what they see, or feel the element is sub standard.

  • Numbers of people on a team performing the skills
    The more tumblers the higher the score in difficulty
    The more people in tosses, the higher the score
  • The other teams at the event.
    IASF scoring is subjective to how the judges feel you fit into the level of competition that day.
    Scores can be different at each event
  • Deductions
    Points taken from the total overall scores, or raw scores.
    Falls, Bobbles, Mistakes
    Legalities, Code of Conduct
    Deductions will also be reflected in the elements of the scoresheet as well.
    Falls may alter the score ranges in difficulty
    Bobbles may alter the score ranges in technique
    Judges do not score based upon effort. They score what they see.
    Judges are people and are impacted on things like fatigue, boredom, etc.


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